Welcome to all blueberry lovers

photo_fabrice_pBlueberry Love : La Ferme des Petits Fruits’s blog (Eyrein – Corrèze)

After working in finance and computing industry i settled down as a red berries farmer and am mainly producing blueberries but also raspberries, red currants, gooseberries, blackcurrants, blackberries and strawberries.

This career change was guided by love for nature, berries and mostly by the birth of my children. It is a fantastic personal development and agriculture is a fascinating profession.

After a while i did naturally go toward processing my fruits into jams, coulis, juices, nectars, vinegars, dried fruits, syrups and chutneys.

The Farm consists of several plots and is expanding every year with new planting. We are welcoming our customers during summer for free blueberry picking and hire every year about forty seasonal workers for fruit picking mostly girls usually more careful than guys.

In the end i will aim through this blog to share wth you my love for blueberries which is a fruit full with so many virtues as well as a valuable ally for your health.

Fabrice SABEAU.

Red berries farmer and processor